Test your hearing. And join the conversation!

Hearing loss can affect anyone and often progresses so gradually, it can be difficult to notice until you experience symptoms. The purpose of a test for hearing loss is to determine not only if you have a hearing loss, but how mild or serve it is.

What to expect during a hearing test?

  • A hearing test is non-invasive and painless. It usually takes about 40 minutes to complete.
  • After asking a few questions, your Spec-Savers Audiologist will do a physical check for any visual problems in your ear drum, using an otoscope.
  • Next, the hearing test will take place! It involves several different tests.
  • These examinations help detect the variety of sounds you can and cannot hear. Most of the tests require that you respond to words or tones and is painless.
  • If you need to wear a hearing aid, your Spec-Savers Audiologist will take you through your options that might be suitable for you.
  • In most cases, hearing aids are tested out on the same day as your hearing test. They will be programmed to your needs and you can test them out before deciding to purchase.
  • A follow up appointment is set for 4 weeks to check that everything is fine and you can feel an improvement.

Audiology services are now available at selected Spec-Savers stores with a qualified Audiologist.

We offer free hearing screenings, the latest high-tech hearing aids from world-leading manufacturers, as well as aftercare support for as long as you need.