Eye examinations are vital as they assess the health of your vision and check the ability to focus on and distinguish between objects. In addition, the Optometrist looks for other medical conditions such as age-related Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy (brought on by Diabetes) and hypertension (high-blood pressure). Your eyes show warning signs to the overall health of your body and early diagnosis is key to maintaining your overall health. 

Detecting vision problem

An eye test checks more than simply your eyesight. A comprehensive eye test will check your ability to focus as well as the health of both the inner and outer parts of your eye. You might think your vision is perfect, but going for a regular check-up can help your Spec-Savers optometrist to identify a number of conditions that could potentially affect your vision. The earlier these issues are addressed, the less chance they have of affecting your long-term vision.

To ensure the continued health of your eyes, regular eye tests help your optometrist know when you should start wearing contact lenses or spectacles, or if your prescription needs to be changed.

Diagnosing eye disease

Not all eye diseases present early warning signs. Glaucoma may already be quite advanced by the time you notice a difference in your eyesight. During a comprehensive eye test your optometrist can detect the initial indicators of such diseases to try and prevent further damage.