Welcome to the Spec-Savers website and thank you for ordering a set of our Demo Hearing Aids. We hope that they assist you along your hearing aid journey!

Before completing your order, please take note of the following terms and conditions and please read them carefully:

  1. Defined Terms:

Audiologist” means the Spec-Savers audiologist registered to practice as such under the Health Professions Council of South Africa;

Authorised User” means the person whom physically attended the Store and for whom the Demo Hearing Aid was programmed for;

Collection Date” means the first day of the Demo Period and is the date the Authorised User physically collects the Demo Hearing Aids in Store;

Demo Hearing Aids” means the hearing aids provided to the Authorised User at the relevant Spec-Savers Audiology store for the Demo Period;

Demo Period” means a period equal to 14 calendar days which is inclusive of the Collection Date and the Return Date. For example, if the Authorised User collects on the 5th day of any month, the Demo Period expires on the 18th day of that same month;

Permitted Use” means the permitted use of the Demo Hearing Aids as advised by the Audiologist to the Authorised User in order to enhance and make sound audible to the Authorised User and shall not be utilised for any other purpose of whatsoever nature;

Return Date” means the last day of the Demo Period and is date the Authorised User is required to return the Demo Hearing Aids to Store; and

Store” means the specific Spec-Savers Audiology store which processed the Authorised User’s order for the Demo Hearing Aids.

  1. Collection in Store:

  • The Demo Hearing Aids are only available to persons whom have undergone a full diagnostic hearing examination;
  • Before the Authorised User is entitled to collect the Demo Hearing Aids, the Authorised User must first read, acknowledge and accept these Term and Conditions;
  • Only the Authorised User is entitled to collect the Demo Hearing Aids; and
  • The Demo Hearing Aids are available for the Permitted Use throughout the Demo Period at zero cost, provided they are returned on or before the Return Date.

  1. Terms of Use:

  • Throughout the Demo Period, the Demo Hearing Aids must at all times be within the possession and control of the Authorised User;
  • The Authorised User must take the utmost care in protecting the Demo Hearing Aids from damage and/or loss;
  • The Demo Hearing Aids must only be utilised for the purpose for which they were designed and intended to be used; and
  • The Authorised User must not in any way modify, alter, extend or tamper the Demo Hearing Aids.

  1. Ownership:

  • The Demo Hearing Aids shall at all times remain the property of the Store and the duration of the Authorised User’s right of use is limited to the Demo Period.

  1. Liability:

  • The Authorised User shall be responsible and liable for any and all losses and/or damage to the Demo Hearing Aids throughout the Demo Period until returned to the Store on the Return Date or such later date (if applicable);
  • Should the Demo Hearing Aids be misplaced, lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed for whatsoever reason throughout the        Demo Period, the Authorised User shall be liable to pay to the Store an amount equivalent to the replacement cost of the Demo Hearing Aids.

  1. Indemnification:

  • The Authorised User shall not have any claim whether in contract or delict against the Store for any loss (including consequential loss) of whatsoever nature or injury to any person resulting from the use of the Demo Hearing Aids, howsoever arising and the Authorised User indemnifies the Store accordingly.

  1. Return Date and Penalty:

  • The Authorised User must return the Demo Hearing Aids to the Store on or before the Return Date in the same condition he/she received them;
  • The Audiologist shall determine in his/her sole discretion whether the Demo Hearing Aid has been returned in an acceptable condition;
  • In the event that the Authorised User fails to return Demo Hearing Aids on or before the Return Date, the Store shall be entitled to impose a daily penalty equal to R150.00 (excl. VAT) for each day that the Demo Hearing Aids are not returned post the Return Date. 

  1. Consent to Credit Verification

  • The Authorised User irrevocably consents to the Store and/or its agents in requesting any information available on any credit bureau regarding the Authorised User should the Store deem it necessary to do so;
  • The Store may perform a credit search on the Authorised User’s credit profile with more than one registered credit bureau at any time during the Demo Period or period thereafter should the Demo Hearing Aids not be returned;
  • Should the Authorised User fail to return the Demo Hearings Aids on or before the Return Date, the Store and/or its agents may record the Authorised User’s non-performance to any credit bureau;
  • The Store may request a report where the Store and/or its agents may monitor the Authorised User’s payment behaviour by researching the Authorised User’s profile;
  • Should the Demo Hearing Aids not be returned timeously, the Store may record the details in respect of the Authorised User’s account with any registered credit bureau.