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Each beneficiary is entitled to claim their optical benefit once within a two year benefit cycle.


Iso Leso is the Society's DSP for optical care


One Comprehensive Consultation

(Inclusive of tonometry (glaucoma) Screening and visual screening

Consultations at a non-network provider will be limited to a maximum of R350 per beneficiary per cycle

  • Cycle shall mean 2-year cycle: 2017/2018

  • A list of Iso Leso affiliated optometrists may be obtained at http://www.bpmas.co.za/



  • One pair of single vision spectacles lenses, limited to R170 per lens.


  • One pair of clear Bifocal lenses, limited to R375 per lens when obtained from a non-network provider per beneficairy per cycle
  • One pair of clear multifocal lenses of any prescription, limited to R800 per lens
  • Limited to R800 per beneficiary per cycle.​

​Frames and/ or prescription lens enhancements

  • Lens enhancements limited to R500 per beneficiary per cycle at network providers only

Contact lenses in lieu of ​spectacles (alternate to spectacle benefits)

  • Limited to R2050 per beneficiary per cycle.

  • 100% of cost when obtained from a non-network provider, limited to R1 550 per beneficiary per cycle

​Refractive surgery

  • Refractive eye surgery is provided for under the hospitalisation benefit and is subject to pre-authorisation and guidelines laid down by the Scheme’s designated agent





For more information, please visit: http://www.bpmas.co.za/


Medical aid benefits as displayed are subject to change, final confirmation must be obtained from the medical aid.













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