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Pharos rainbow option

Pharos rainbow option

Each beneficiary is entitled to:


Single vision and bi-focal. Up to 100% of Cost from Yearly Limit. Thereafter subject to Extended Cover. Multi-focal lenses are subject to a dedicated professional nurse pre-authorisation required (does not accumulate to threshold unless medically indicated). Up to 100% of Cost from Yearly Limit.

Contact lenses - (Optional alternative to glasses, no benefit for both glasses and contacts in same benefit year). Up to 100% of Cost for lenses from Yearly Limit.
Extended Cover according to Clinical protocol and Dedicated Professional Nurse pre-authorisation. Cataracts - Senile or clinical pathology only, unless otherwise motivated.


Amounts exceeding R1000 do not accumulate to threshold. Up to 100% of Cost from Yearly Limit. Thereafter subject to Limited Extended Cover. Extended Cover Limited to R800.

Pre-authorisation required up to 300% of Pharos Rate from Major Fund.

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