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Topmed Medical Aid

Topmed Medical Aid

Network Option : 2017

PPN 1 tariffs applicable

Each beneficiary can claim every 2 years from date of claiming

One Comprehensive Consultation

One pair of spectacle lenses either Single Vision or Bifocal Lenses (Multifocal lenses up to Bifocal amount)

PPN frame up to the value of R160


Contact lenses to the value R444

Executive : 2017

Negotiated Tariff: PPN 2

Annual benefit cycle

Limited to R2364 per beneficiary and R6900 per family

One Composite Examination 
  • One pair of clear standard lenses : Either Single Vision or Bifocal lenses or Multifocal lense

  • A PPN Frame to the value of R195.00 or R690.00 Frame benefit (Cost from Yearly limit and accrues to Threshold)

  • Benefits subject to available Beneficiary/Family limit


  • Contact lenses limited to R1844 and subject to available Beneficiary limit

    Rainbow Comprehensive / Paladin Comprehensive : 2017

    Negotiated Tariff: PPN 2

    100% of Cost from Yearly Limit (YL) thereafter PPN rates from Extended Cover.

    Claims accrue to Threshold at PPN rate

    One Composite Examination 

    Spectacle Lenses:

    One pair of clear standard lenses : Single Vision or Bifocal lenses or Multifocal lense

    Frames are subject to Yearly limit and accrues to Threshold:

    Rainbow Comprehensive - R1100.00

    Paladin Comprehensive - R800.00


    Contact lenses :

    Contact lenses subject to Yearly Limit

    Sublimits for contact lenses per option:

    Rainbow Comprehensive R2160 per beneficiary per annum

    Paladin Comprehensive R1836 per beneficiary per annum

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*Medical aid benefits as displayed are subject to change, final confirmation must be obtained from the medical aid.

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