R500 OFF or FREE Eye Test

For a limited time only, get R500 OFF your Frame or Lens Enhancements or choose to get a FREE Eye Test instead.

Eye Test

It may surprise you that having your eyes tested regularly may result in early detection of a serious illness. Eyes are sensitive indicators and may reveal vision problems, eye diseases and general health irregularities long before any obvious physical symptoms exist. Health care professionals recommend that all people should have periodic and thorough eye tests as part of their routine primary health care.

Lens Enhancements

Climate Eyes

Climate Eyes, our affordable photochromic lens, offers users the convenience of prescription lenses that automatically change from light to dark, and back again, depending on surrounding light conditions. It protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and is ideal for spectacle wearers who do not want to constantly switch between prescription spectacles and prescription sunglasses. Climate Eyes is considered to be a premium photochromic lens at an affordable price. 
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Anti-Glare Coating

Ideal for customers who drive a lot at night as it reduces night blindness caused by reflections from oncoming headlights. Anti-glare coating is also helpful for computer users to reduce strain on the eyes.
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Book an Eye Test

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is subject to an eye test and the purchase of a prescription frame and prescription lenses.
  • The R500 OFF can be used to reduce the costs of a prescription frame, lens enhancements or an eye test.
  • The R500 OFF is in addition to our standard discounted lens pricing per medical aid option.
  • The R500 OFF may not be exchanged for CASH.
  • Package Deal customers can either enjoy a free frame up to R395 or receive R500 OFF when purchasing an orange sticker frame or a colour sticker frame higher in value.
  • The R500 off is not linked to the eye test charge anymore so if a medical aid pays less than R499 for an eye test the patient still receives the full R500 off either the frame or the lens enhancements.
  • This offer includes an optional 80% spectacle frame and lens replacement warranty against accidental loss or damage from a black sticker frame or higher in value. Subject to the Ts&Cs that appear on the warranty card.
  • Either Spec-Savers Loyalty, Clicks Clubcard Points or Voyager Miles may be earned on all transactions.
  • Spec-Savers Loyalty Points may be redeemed 20 days from date of purchase, against all future transactions.
  • This offer is valid while stocks last and can not be used in conjunction with any other Spec-Savers promotional offer.
  • Errors and omissions excepted.

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