There are 3 types of Hetrochromia

1. Complete (each eye a different colour).

2. Sectoral (a segment of contrasting colour in the iris).

3. Central (a different colour radiating out from the pupil)

Can crossed eyes be treated?

Strabismus (crossed eyes) does not improve on its own, but it can be more easily corrected in younger children. That's why it is important for your child to have an eye test early, first when he or she is an infant, and then again by age two.

Will wearing spectacles or contact lenses weaken my eyesight?

Your eyes will not grow weaker as a result of using corrective lenses. Your prescription may change over time due to aging or the presence of disease, but it is not because of your current prescription.

Will using a nightlight in my child's room contribute to nearsightedness?

It is said that using a nightlight in your child's bedroom may contribute to nearsightedness; however, there is not enough evidence to support this claim. Keeping a nightlight on in your baby's room may actually help him or her learn to focus and develop important eye coordination skills when he or she is awake.

Can eyes be transplanted?

Parts of an eye, such as the cornea, can be transplanted. It is currently impossible to transplant an entire eye to restore vision. 

Can cataracts be removed before they are fully developed? 

Modern technology allows us to remove a cataract at any stage of its development. 

Will reading in the dark weaken my eyesight? 

As with sitting too close to the television, you may get a headache from reading in the dark, but it will not weaken your sight. 

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