Adult Acne

Adult Acne

You’re all for making a statement but it would be nice if that statement wasn’t saying “I’m a grown woman with pimples on my chin.” It would also be nice if your expensive foundation didn’t have to be layered a hundred times to cover unsightly pimples. That stuff needs to last! So rather than spend all your money on layers and layers of high coverage foundation, get to the root of the problem. Not sure what the root of the problem is? Let’s take a look at a few different root causes…

Root cause 1 // Hormones.

If your acne is rearing its ugly head around your chin, neck and back, your hormones are most likely to blame. Specifically, androgens (the male hormones). Androgens increase just before one’s menstrual cycle, which is perfect because that’s exactly what your slightly teary and irritable mood needs! Don’t worry, there’s a solution. Retin-A is here to save the day!

Retin, what?

If you haven’t heard of Retin-A, you are in for a TREAT! Retin-A is a prescription medication that effectively treats mild to moderate acne as well as wrinkles. Two birds, one stone! In all seriousness, this stuff is a miracle worker. But you’ll need a prescription from your GP or dermatologist and you’ll need to apply the stuff in small focused amounts as some skins are very sensitive to Retin-A. You’ll also need to be very good about putting sunscreen on as Retin-A increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Root cause 2 // Hormones.

AGAIN? While many cases of hormonal acne can be treated effectively with topical treatments like Retin-A, some forms of hormonal acne will not budge until addressed internally. But do not fear, oral contraceptives can help get your internal imbalance, balanced. How?

Contraceptives for my skin?

The hormones in oral contraceptives decrease the circulation of androgens (male hormones) which are the culprits that cause acne. The best part? You’ll notice a visible difference after just 3 weeks of taking them. But be sure to tell your GP or gynae that you want an oral contraceptive that specifically fights acne as not all of them have the right combination of hormones for the good fight.

Root cause  3 // “But I wash my face twice a day!”

If you’re washing your face twice a day, it’s too much. Believe it or not, overwashing your face can make acne worse. Once a day is fine but twice a day just ends up drying out the skin, which then causes the skin to overcompensate by producing even more oil than it did before. A bit like when you tell your husband he makes a great spag bowl and then before you know it, he’s made spag bowl every week for 4 weeks! Okay that analogy is a bit off, but you get the picture. Basically, save your cleanser for the end of the day when you need to remove your makeup anyway. And then in the mornings, a good old fashioned splash of water will do.

Anything I can get over the counter?

In terms of over-the-counter products that effectively treat acne, here is a useful shopping list of ingredients to look out for, ingredients that you will find in multiple skin products at your nearest Clicks, ingredients that are known to effectively treat mild cases of acne:

Shopping list for your adult acne:

  1. Salicylic acid
  2. Benzoyl peroxide
  3. Sulfur
  4. Glycolic Acid

Oh, and while you’re at the shops, maybe treat yourself to a bright new lipstick or eyeshadow, because with the adult acne on its way out, your expensive foundation is going to last a lot longer, which means more money for the fun stuff!

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