Bring your body into balance with tissue salts

Bring your body into balance with tissue salts

The concept of wellness today has taken on new meaning and our modern lifestyle is depriving us of a host of things, including essential minerals. It’s no secret either that these lifestyle demands are the cause of what leads to illness and disease. Knowing what we know, it’s inherent that we continue striving to obtain all the goodness through our daily nutrition. But is nutrition enough? With consuming all the 'empty' food that we do, harvested from drained soil, aren’t these nutrition-less sources all part of what’s leading to constant mineral depletions in the human body? Tissue salts could the answer.

What are tissue salts?

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Also familiarly known as "cell salts",  these are the exact minerals that you would find in rocks and soil. Here’s a fun fact – They already occur naturally in your very own body!  There are twelve of these minerals and all need to be present to ensure optimum health. What does this mean? Ultimately, any imbalance, or lack of specific minerals, will unlock the gate to illness. It’s therefore crucial that we keep the body’s minerals in balance.  

Why do we need them?

Stress, toxins, poor nutrition and over processed foods are just a few of the thieves of essential minerals in our bodies. A deficiency could lead to tissue becoming dysfunctional and vulnerable to disease. Tissue Salts provide the cells with the essential nutrients that they lack and are vital for normal cellular function.

Take your blood for example, when it’s lacking the necessary nutrients, our bodies become prone to illness. Tissue Salts will improve the absorption of nutrients coming into our body and encourage good health and wellness throughout.

What can they be used for

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From pain and cramp relief to cleansing of the liver, all twelve tissue salts can be used independently in the body or in combinations to treat a host of ailments.  It’s due to the lack of salt in the cells arising from all the toxicity we’re bombarded with on a daily basis that causes a blockage in the cells functioning. Tissue salts can correct this blockage in your body and restore your health! A few more incredible benefits:

  • Tissue elasticity and cell restorer
  • Blood purifier
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Detoxifying agent
  • Metabolism conditioner
  • Nerve and brain cell agent
  • Acidity neutralizer
  • Skin conditioner

Using tissue salts

Did you know that you can take tissue salts in the following ways:

  • Gels, creams and lotions for topical application
  • Sprays
  • Mixing it in your bath
  • Dissolving in your mouth under your tongue

Take them separately or as a combination! It’s recommended that you stay on Tissue Salts for at least one to three months and consult your health professional when understanding which ones to take and how each one will affect the ailment of concern.

Safety and regulations

Great news! Tissue Salts are non-toxic and non-addictive. There are no known side effects and you cannot overdose on them. They are considered safe and have no known interactions with medications.

Kids? Yes! Kids can use them! Tissue salts are safe for the entire family and even during pregnancy. Due to the lactose base, it is advisable for people with diabetes and/or is lactose intolerant to check with their healthcare professional first before taking.

Pets? Yes! It’s safe for your fur babies too. Crush the tissue salts and sprinkle over their food!
With health benefits like these, and your overall wellbeing being taken care of, it’s no wonder there’s so much hype and information around these magical salts. Simply choose your preferred method of application and add tissue salts on your journey to supreme wellness!

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