How does sinus affect your eyes

How does sinus affect your eyes

As we move from winter into spring, many who suffer from seasonal sinusitis or allergies maybe a little hesitant to embrace the warmer weather and change of season.

Severe headaches, fever, nasal congestion, pressure or facial tenderness, a blocked nose, a sore and itchy throat and an uncomfortable cough are common symptoms that indicate that your sinuses or allergies are acting up. But, did you know swelling eyelids, bulging and red eyes, impaired eye movement and double vision can also be signs that you are suffering from the seasonal change?

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Seasonal flares…

A large percentage of our population suffers from allergies, and seasonal allergies are the most common of them. From severe dryness, itchy eyes to eye tearing and redness, these are a few of the symptoms of eye allergies that are associated with climate changes. While these symptoms and effects of allergies can create great discomfort, it also builds pressure behind the eye, which is unhealthy and needs to be treated with urgency. An infection of the sinuses can also cause pressure build up behind the eye, which in effect can create pain in one or both eyes.

It’s complicated…

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Known as an orbital complication, which is quite common among sinus suffers, the infection travels to the tissue of the back of the eye. This infection then can cause pain in the eye, redness, swelling eyelids, bulging eyes, impaired eye movement and double vision. If you have these symptoms, it’s advisable that you visit your GP, as you might need an antibiotic to clear the infection and to gain some relief.

Let’s treat it…

Often a simple anti-allergy pill, like an antihistamine, or a sinus medication over the counter should provide some relief, but if the symptoms persist you will need to visit your doctor. While being on medication, you can also do cold compresses to the eye area, frequently use refrigerated artificial tears throughout the day, reduce contact-lens wear and rather opt to wear your specs to avoid straining your eyes. If you do visit your GP, ask about prescribed eyedrops, nasal steroids and nasal antihistamines to lessen the symptoms and provide comfort.

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