Shave 10 years off the clock

Shave 10 years off the clock

Men age too. The overwhelming amount of anti-ageing products and communication aimed at women, begs to differ. But the reality is, men are not immune to the ageing process. They’re just not as targeted by the 250 million dollar global anti-ageing industry. But that doesn’t mean men shouldn’t look after themselves. They absolutely should. And once they’re in the habit of adding a couple habits to their daily routine, they’ll find themselves asking “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Men, this one’s for you. 5 small things to add to your daily routine that will shave years off the clock. And if you do them for long enough, you’ll find your friends saying “WOW, you look 10 years younger! You HAVE to tell me your secret!.” Jokes, men don’t talk like that. Out loud. But they’ll be thinking it…

Here it is, 5 small things that you can do daily, to look younger...


A lot of it. Not just with coffee and tea. You need to drink the stuff stiff. Straight up. And not on the rocks. Cold water causes the blood vessels around the stomach to constrict, which can slow down absorption. And you want to absorb the stuff. Because it’s an amazing anti-ageing tool. How? Well, water plumps up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to, more or less, get filled in. Also, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work more effectively. Try to drink at least 4 litres a day. Invest in a nice water bottle and keep it filled throughout the day. Woolworths has great reusable 750 ml water bottles made from high quality stainless steel. Fill it up 5 and a quarter times and watch the wrinkles fill out before your eyes. (Filling out is a good thing)


This one may seem obvious (I mean the word “shave” was in the title of this article), but it really is quite incredible what a big difference a proper professional hot shave can make to a man’s face. It literally can shave years off. Why go to a pro? Well, when men shave at home, they often don’t prepare the skin properly - and as a result have to go over and over the same area again. This can cause the skin to react, and the result is not pretty. You want to look younger, not like an acne covered teenager.


If you are not this person, we apologise for the false accusation. But the truth is, a lot of men underestimate the power of a “made for the face”, face cream. And the reality is, there is a difference between body cream and face cream. Body cream doesn’t have active ingredients that fight the signs of ageing. Face cream does. So we really suggest investing in one. You don’t have to break the bank, but try looking for a face cream with any of the following active ingredients, as these are the ones that shave the years off the clock:

Retinol - Trialled and tested, this one works by stimulating production of new skin cells.
Hyaluronic Acid - A naturally occurring substance in the skin known for its impressive capacity to attract and hold onto 1000 times of its weight in moisture.
Vitamin C - The antioxidant superstar. Smokers, you need this one!


It’s called a dad bod for a reason. It makes you look like a dad. And dads look old. Not literally, some dads are as young as 25. But the body type implied is certainly an old one. One that has very little muscle tone on the arms and the legs, topped off with a soft round belly. It’s sweet, but it’s not attractive. The good news is that Nike offers a FREE training app that allows you to workout from home using nothing but your own body weight. The Nike Training app lets you choose from 100+ workouts created by Nike Master Trainers and led by Nike Pro Athletes. Alternatively, you can keep your dad bod. If you like it that much…


Not once every three months. Every single night. This one is the most important as it’s the time our body rejuvenates. Imagine you never put your laptop off? It would probably get really hot and eventually just explode. Well, your body is no different. And if you must know, sleep deprivation causes your skin to age faster. But if that doesn’t bother you, maybe this will: A lack of sleep impacts your memory and cognitive performance. So sleep is really important to keep the mind young too.

Let’s summarise what we’ve learnt: Drink water, pay for a good hot shave, invest in a proper moisturiser for the face, NOT the body, lose the dad bod and then, once you’ve done all of those things, get a good night’s sleep - so that your mind can remember to rinse and repeat those 5 small things the next day. Jokes aside, you really will notice such a marked difference if you just add these 5 small things to your daily routine. We wish you the best of luck and hope you look forward to all the compliments. Because there will be many...From women. Men don’t say that stuff to each other.

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