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'Silver water' a precious aid to health

'Silver water' a precious aid to health
Colloidal silver, colloquially known as “silver water”, packs a powerful punch against germs and other baddies that can wreak havoc with your health.

This age-old natural remedy, traditionally used for a wide range of conditions, has become popular again as people seek to explore alternative treatments.

Naturopath Barbara Hetherington, of Nature’s Own pharmacy in Port Elizabeth, says silver as an element has known antibacterial properties - interestingly, so does gold, though that would make for a rather pricey treatment! 

It is precisely because of this property that silver is often used in wound dressings.
And yes, “silver water” really does contain the precious metal – it is a liquid in which the tiniest particles of pure silver have been suspended.

A colloid, in chemistry, is simply a mixture in which microscopic particles of one substance have been suspended in another substance. 

Before World War 2, colloidal silver was the most commonly used infection buster - one capable of destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds. 

And some theorise the European aristocracy remained healthier than the rest of the general population during the Middle Ages because their liquids were stored in silver vessels, and they ate and drank from silver plates and cups.

It is taken orally, in liquid form, and nowadays also comes in a cream and gel which can be applied to cuts, burns, skin irritations and skin infections.

Though some conventional medical folk may dismiss the efficacy of colloidal silver, many swear by its benefits.
It is mainly antibacterial and so is useful for most types of bacterial infections. It is, in effect, a natural antibiotic.
Other examples of natural antibiotics might include the herbaceous plants Echinacea and Goldenseal, both widely used in natural medicine.

A big selling point for colloidal silver is that it is so reasonably priced – expect to pay about R35 for 200ml of liquid.

Colloidal silver is non-toxic and safe for humans, including infants and children. It has no side effects, but because it is an antibiotic - albeit a natural one - it is best not to use it long term, but rather for short-term health maintenance and specific ailments.

The recommended maintenance dose for adults, and children 12 and older, is 25ml once a day. Children aged 6 to 12 would take half that dose (12.5ml), while ages one to six need only a teaspoon a day.
Colloidal silver works well for upper respiratory infections.

In the case of colds and flu, it bolsters the immune system, helping one’s natural defenses kick in. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, the recommended adult dose is 50ml a day, split in two doses to be taken at different times of the day.

For topical application, put “silver water” into a sterilized spray bottle and apply to everything from acne and athlete’s foot to sunburn and nappy rash.

Collodial silver is also useful for pets, with some reporting good results when using it as a spot treatment for Fluffy’s skin conditions, for instance itchy scabs caused by flea allergy. 

Because “silver water” contains metal, it should not be stored near electrical appliances and you should use a non-metallic spoon to measure out doses.

Also, when taking it orally, it is best to keep it in your mouth for about two minutes before swallowing, to assist absorption.

It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment.

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