Fitness for weight loss

Fitness for weight loss

The non-magic basics of shaping your body, mind and longevity - it’s all about input, output and function efficiency - the kind that will keep you laughing and dancing long after workout hours.

We’re officially out of the starting blocks for 2020. Have you found your wellness rhythm and routine this year? Are you still pondering over fitness goals or whether or not you have time for them at all? Maybe you’re less concerned with fitness and more focused on weight loss, eating and detox plans. There are good reasons to consider a lifestyle that includes both. Movement increases the heart rate, pumping more oxygen to the brain which releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins - the ‘happy hormones’. So when we exercise we become happier versions of ourselves, reduce stress levels, combat depression and start to remember our sense of humour - we all look better when we smile and when our bodies smile along with us in the shape of good health we become irresistible! It’s never too late or too early in the year or in your life to become your best self. Staying in shape isn’t just about calories and looking good, it’s about being in good health, avoiding disease and prolonging your life span.

Short term versus long term body budget

Weight loss can be achieved by a reduced calorie eating plan alone, however, the overall health benefits are minimal, in comparison to a lifestyle that includes both healthy eating and exercise. Losing weight without exercise will lead to a loss of muscle mass and bone density, weakening the skeletal system and increasing the risk of osteoporosis and other bone degenerative diseases. The fat percentage in the body will be higher (even though the body might look thinner) due to the loss of muscle mass and the metabolism will slow down because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. A lifestyle that includes exercise, especially weight bearing exercises, using one’s own body weight or apparatus, strengthens muscles, maintains bone density and increases metabolism, keeping the body burning ‘fuel’ throughout the day. 

The DL (yes, get that body down low)

There are two core biological ‘rules’ we can use as the structure within which to add workouts suited to individual fitness levels. For the unfit body carrying a lot of excess weight, start out with light exercise such as fast walking or light jogging for an extended period of time, ideally 45 - 90 minutes. During low intensity workouts the body draws on fat reserves and will burn a decent amount of calories too. For those with a base level fitness, high intensity training for shorter periods is a more efficient way to trim down. Glycogen in the muscles is used up before fat burning begins, the body’s sustained metabolic rate increases and with that the body’s potential to burn fat throughout the day. The bonus here is that 30-45 minutes a day is easy enough to fit into a busy schedule and overall body strength increases.

Time investment

In order to see a change in the body one should exercise at least 3 times per week (ideally 5 times) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Together with a reduced calorie eating plan, which accounts for 80% of a weight-loss program, you should start to see and feel results after one month, and after 3 months you’ll have heads turning as you glide past with your sleek new confident body. Well almost - the 3-month mark, with consistent effort promises transformation but maintain it for 6 months and you’ll be on the cover of Fitness magazine. In today’s age of instant gratification, we all like to hear that change can happen overnight but there is no magic pill you can take for sustainable weight loss, overall health, fitness and longevity - it takes persistence and grit.



To most people this is a swear word…
The exercise uses core, chest and legs simultaneously so expect to feel the burn and see the results.

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  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Push your hips back, bend knees, and reach palms to the ground to lower into a crouch.
  2. With hands shoulder-width on the floor directly in front of feet, shift your weight to them to jump back and land softly in plank position.
  3. Jump feet forward so they land just outside of the hands. Jump explosively into the air, reaching hands overhead or leaving by sides.

    Perform 3 x 8 - 12 rep

Explosive lunge

Again working every part of the lower body, which means the biggest muscle group.

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  1. Start with feet together, hands on your hips. Step forward with the right leg and lower into a lunge so the right knee is bent at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Jump up, switching legs midair.
  3. Land softly with the left leg forward, immediately lowering into a lunge.

    Perform 3 x 1 minute set

Medicine ball slam (3kg weight)

The core is your ‘powerhouse’ so recruiting these muscles during ball slams means using all the muscles between your neck and hips together.
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Hold the weighted medicine ball above your head with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slam the ball on the floor as hard as you can. Catch the rebound and repeat.

Perform 3 sets of 12-15 rep

Mountain climber

A high calorie burner that targets the obliques, butt and hamstrings.

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  1. Start in a plank position on the floor. Drive the right knee in toward the chest without raising hips or allowing the right foot to touch the floor.
  2. Place your right foot back into plank and repeat on the other side, driving the left knee in toward the chest.

Perform 3 x 1 minute set

Squat jump

Taking the basic squat to the next level.

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  1. Start with feet hip-width apart, hands clasped in front of chest.
  2. Keep your weight in the heels and the back straight, sit hips back and bend knees to lower into a squat until thighs are parallel to the floor. Remember to keep knees in line with toes the entire time.
  3. As you raise the body up straight, add in a jump, landing with control back into a squat and repeat.

Perform 3 x 15-20 rep

Being the month of love, send more love to your body in the form of movement and it will love you back. Once you’ve experienced the afterglow of a good workout you’ll want to recreate the feeling, but the only way to know just how great the body can feel is to experience it.

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