Click, Pay and Save Time in Your Day

Click, Pay and Save Time in Your Day

If convenience, better prices and variety all appeal to you then online shopping should be at the top of your To Do list.  We’ve decided to take a look at a few online payment and shopping portals, which are pretty simple to understand and will perhaps unlock that illusive extra hour we all look for in a day. 

 Time is Money

Did you know that you can pay your TV licence online or avoid the ques and enjoy your full work lunch break without popping out to pay your monthly municipal bills. Or that it is possible to load more money onto your personal  pre-paid electricity meter from the keypad of your mobile phone.  You can even order pet food, or groceries online to be delivered straight to your door.
Better yet, more affordable generic medicine can be ordered from an online pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription, so no need to go outdoors when you are ill. It’s fun to browse through online catalogues from the comfort of your lounge, and you don’t need to worry anymore about standing in long queues or sacrificing a Saturday morning to run through the seemingly unending shopping lists or to find the perfect gift which will be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

Online shopping is the answer to both time and petrol saving, as well as the luxury of choosing from a wider variety.

You can even order your contact lenses from your nearest Spec-Savers store in just four easy steps.  Whether you require contact lenses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, this is a simple way to ensure you’re always equipped. There is also an automatic re-ordering service benefit that is available to Club members.

The Risk Factor

There are always safety and security hazards to consider when shopping online. Below are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Consider which computer you use when you make your online purchases. Employees who use their work computers could be putting their company at risk of receiving increased virus threats or phishing attacks. Shopping at home in private is always better, as you and only you use your personal computer.
  2. You’ll want to shop from secure websites. A secure website will always start with the URL https:// (the ‘s’ importantly indicates ‘secure’, and you may also see a small lock symbol on the bottom of your screen for extra reassurance!)
  3. Be vigilant when you’re prompted to enter personal information such as your card details or identity number. If you’re given the choice between using your credit or debit card, choose your credit card and monthly payment instalments. A credit card has a spending limit, which protects you more against identity theft than a debit card, and fraud is easier to report.
  4. Don’t allow your credit card details to be stored or ‘remembered’ on your profile for any online shopping website. While time-consuming, it’s far safer to instead enter in your payment details manually for each respective online shopping ‘excursion’. By reading the online store’s ‘privacy policy’ before you enter in your personal details, you’ll be sure of the minimum personal information to include before ‘checking out’ your purchase. Be attentive!

The Fine Print

Each online store has its own Terms and Conditions for delivery, cancellations and returns. It’s crucial to check each store’s policy before browsing on their website.

Some companies will deliver internationally, while others only within South Africa. Some deliveries are free of charge, while others are free after spending a minimum amount first. Make sure you check the estimated delivery period, and track your delivery progress with your order number.

Be sure to read up on the returns or exchanges rules, so that you’re within the guarantee or warranty period. It’s also good to know how much time you have to cancel an order and can be reimbursed before you’re charged the full amount for it.

So, there you have it – online convenience can change your life. Saving time in each day is literally just one click away!

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