Setting and getting your goals

Setting and getting your goals

By now, you know the drill. You set those incredible, life-changing goals way back in January, but as the year races on, you’re nowhere closer to achieving them… again!

What keeps holding you back from becoming that better you? The one that writes books, creates new business ventures, or learns to surf, sew or swordfight at 47 (or 74)?

Maybe you’re waiting for the right time, but it never seems to come. Or your goal is so big, you don’t know where to begin. Or just maybe, it’s easier to wallow in your comfort zone than take that leap of faith.

According to research, you’re not alone. Only 8% of people actually succeed in achieving their goals – but there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them.

With a few simple changes, you can retrain your brain to achieve the clarity, commitment and confidence you need to get those goals once and for all!

Why do you want to achieve your goals?

Start off by asking yourself why it’s important to achieve your goals, how you’ll feel when you get there, and whether there’s a different way to achieve this feeling. You’ll be more motivated to achieve goals you really care about, rather than pursuing them for the wrong reasons (like keeping up with the neighbours!).

Make your goal your new habit

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When something becomes a habit, it takes much less effort and brain power to do it. If part of your goal to lose weight is exercising three times a week, try to make gym part of your routine. Pick specific time slots that will suit you – and stick to your new routine for at least two months. By then, you’ll have established a great new habit that will take you closer to your goal.

Keep reminding yourself of your goals

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It’s easy to write your goals down in January – and then quickly forget about them. If you really want to achieve them, remind yourself every day, what they are and why they’re important to you. Get into a routine where you read them every morning, keep a goal journal, or spend a few minutes visualizing yourself achieving your goal.

Make your goals a priority in your day

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Make time for your goals in your daily and weekly schedules – and choose the times you have the most energy. It might mean getting up an hour earlier – so you can work on ideas for your new business before the demands of the day derail you. Give your goals the attention they deserve by getting rid of any distractions. Leave your phone in the kitchen or turn off your notifications.

Hold yourself accountable

Decide that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. This might mean getting a life coach to help you along the way, signing up for a new course, joining a group, or asking a friend to hold you accountable. It also means tracking your progress: How many runs did you go on this week? How many sales did you make?

All of this might take a bit of planning and effort to begin with, but it’ll be worth it in the end, as you start seeing your goals turning into something you can really be proud of.

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