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The Men’s Guide to Surviving PMS

The Men’s Guide to Surviving PMS

The struggle is real, peeps. Most of us have fought in these trenches. Some have seen friends fall to the scourge that is the female ovulation cycle. The true casualties of this war, us – the partners, the children, and everyone in the vicinity of a woman going through PMS – need to band together to empower ourselves! With this handy list of 5 Ways to Survive PMS, we can do just that.

This Is Not About You

Read that sentence again, dummy. This is not about you. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a man and, in that case, you don’t know the first thing about PMS or periods. Period. No matter how many books you’ve read, you haven’t experienced the discomfort, acne, bloating, tiredness, irritability or mood swings. Have some empathy, man.

Be There

Sure you may have to bear the brunt of the irritability and mood swings, but being there for your partner (read: any woman in your life – your sister, mother, or friend) will mean a lot to them. We all know how man flu is, don’t we? Now imagine if we didn’t have someone nearby who could help us when we endure it? Imagine not having someone baby us, make us tea when we need, or cook us a pot of chicken soup!

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Pamper Her

Do something special for your loved one – perhaps get her flowers and chocolates. Sure, it’s not a special occasion or a birthday, and it’s definitely not something that she’d want to celebrate, but sometimes people just need to be showered with gifts. Tell her you appreciate her, and give her hugs. You’ll be the silver lining to the cloud of discomfort and pain she’s in.

Don’t be a Funny Man

Sure, men use humour to diffuse all kinds of situations. Sometimes, it’s a way for us to deal with the complex emotions we try to avoid, but also it’s a way to reassure ourselves that it’s all going to be okay. Sometimes we’re just being stupid men. This is one of the times when humour isn’t necessary. Scratch that – it’s totally uncalled for. Unless she’s making the joke. Why? Because you’re privileged enough to be free of the pain and discomfort that comes with PMS, that’s why! If anything save the humour for when it’s all over.

Come prepared

Maintain a go-to Bear Grylls style toolbox for just these occasions so that you’re always ready. Stock up on tampons or sanitary pads (listen: you’re a grown man, take it off the shelf, walk to the till and pay for it – easy, right?), chocolates, ice-cream, a hot water bottle, her favourite movie, tissues, massage oil, and pain pills. For extra credit, get takeout (true over-achievers will make her favourite dinner) and do the dishes.

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Remember that even though it feels like we’re on the frontline of this war on manhood, we’re only spectators, and the true warriors are the women who have to endure PMS every month! Let’s be their Florence Nightingales.

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