Your Habits Decide Which Pets Best Suit You

Your Habits Decide Which Pets Best Suit You

Recently a friend asked if I’d mind popping in during the holidays to simply love her cats and spend some time with them whilst she was at work! She didn’t want them to feel unloved! Agreeing to take on a pet is almost like agreeing to have another child, so best you choose wisely. Many variables need to be considered including your size garden, your monthly budget for pet food, how you like to spend your spare time and which do you prefer indoors or outdoors?

Dogs are very rewarding in affection, but it’s a two-way street so if you feel loved out from your brood already a dog might not be the best option for you. Another unfortunate point to remember is most shed unwanted hair inside and out and leave landmines the size of Everest.  But their intelligence might out way the latter as well as their ability to protect those they love no matter the cost.

Cats.. oh, cats! Love them or hate them these creatures are owners of the night and simply live life accordingly to their own rules. If you are up for midnight moles or oversized pigeons bestowed upon you in love then this is the animal to pick. It’s easy to get over their nightly shenanigans when they adoringly allow you a cuddle and a nap in a sunny patch at the end of your bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Now let’s move on to pets that are easily movable but need be housed in an enclosure. Friends of mine recently acquired some baby budgies and believe it or not they are very loving and affectionate. Relatively easy to maintain and are minimal on pet food. All you need is a good cage, a hardy mirror or reflector, some fresh clean water and lots of talking too will keep these little creatures content. Maybe not the best creatures to consider if you work from home.

Small, quiet and timid, the bunny will suit you down to the ground as a pet if you are the stay at home kind. Cute and furry, rabbits love to nuzzle up. Don't misjudge them though, because in defense of their home and family these little critters can become fierce. Quiet for most of their lives, bunnies sure can make a racket when they need to. And wow, their love lives are the stuff of legends so if you do decide to go this route make sure they are of the same sex if getting more than one.

Chickens could possibly be the best pets I’ve ever owned, they are low on maintenance, consume all your unwanted wet waste and give you fresh organic eggs daily. They don’t require much in the way of veterinary intervention unless they get sick. You’ll have to rope in someone handy to build them a “hok”, a few nesting baskets which can be made from using hay and a shoe box. They like to brood at night though so make sure you give them a significant branch or two to perch on.

The most important decisions are based on the habits of your family so if you are nomadic, getting a dog would be unfair as you would have to book him into the kennels every time you go away.  Start with the current habits of your family before adding any new additions, but seriously chickens get our vote

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