The Best Hair Removal Strategies for men

The Best Hair Removal Strategies for men

Most men will face times when they feel it’ necessary to address facial or other body hair in their adult lives. Men typically control facial hair by shaving or trimming a beard with scissors or clippers. Shaving is probably still the best methodology to control hair on the face, although touches of the techniques listed below can work wonders on peripheral areas like noses, ears and especially broader surrounds from the neck down. Manscaping can be fun and varied below are a few tips on good ways to manage the hairy male:

Laser Hair Removal

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Loved by those who couldn’t be bothered to apply anything topical or maintain a constant regime. Laser hair removal is manageably painless although usually pricier than other options, especially for those of us still close to the simian family tree. Also, while ostensibly permanent, the effects of laser removal more usually only attain long-term status after a few visits. Great for targeting and dealing with inaccessible spots, many men find this the simplest, cleanest route to long-term relief.

Grey or redheaded men should enquire from a clinic whether they can be effectively treated, as the laser technology works best on pale skin with really dark hairs. Most technicians nowadays, however, do have routes to addressing variance in hair colour. Laser treatment does necessitate visiting a clinic, as it's not something that can be successfully executed at home.

Always do a test patch first, have a cup of coffee in the waiting area and see how your skin feels after ten minutes or so in order to be sure there will be no adverse reaction. It’ highly unusual, however, that laser treatment provokes irritation.

Depilatory Cream

For other men, applying hair removal creams seems a low-tech and logical solution. The results are not permanent and will need to be repeated, but a smooth hairless finish is achievable using these products. The products are simple to use - apply, leave for a moment, rinse off - but repeat applications for an initial exercise might prove necessary and, also, skin irritation can occur through misapplication or an innate sensitivity. Like any other methodology, a test patch should be sampled - typically on the inside of the arm - and subsequently observed for signs of irritation. Depending on an individual’ regrowth ratio, creams might need to be applied weekly.

Aftercare is essential when employing depilatory creams - no exotic sprays or lotions and no abrasive activities for a day or two.


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This is a great, medium-term solution that involves coating the hairy skin area with a viscous wax, immediately cooling it and tearing the wax strip off in a yanking motion. If that sounds incredibly painful, get over it, because it is! Jokes aside, it gets better the second time around and, even initially, it’s not that sore that one will get up and run away, but it does take gritted teeth and a strong focus for the end results! Note that waxing is longer lasting than shaving or applying hair removal creams. Returning hairs are also less robust and more easily managed the second time around.

Waxing is probably best done at a clinic but, for the masochistic, home waxing is fully enabled by a variety of products on the market, so intermittent screaming in your own house is an option. Waxing demands good aftercare, as the possibilities for rash or other irritations is highest with this methodology. No exotic lotions, no extremely hot showers and no abrasive clothing should be employed for a few days after waxing.


The most time-honored method for men all over the world, shaving with a razor blade is globally predominant. Shaving anywhere maintains the same, simple approach - lather the area, shave it and rinse off. Apart from personal or disposable razors and electric face razors (the latter typically not very effective in removing lengthy body hairs) there is the Dermaplaner. A great product especially for men’ backs, this is a smart razor that takes much of the difficulty out of home grooming.

When shaving anywhere, trim long hairs first with scissors if possible. Skip the gun oil or 95 Unleaded and rather apply a soothing balm after shaving to minimise itch upon regrowth and the potential for irritation and rashes.

Different strokes for different folk

An effective male grooming regime might very well contain aspects or intermittent application of all techniques, and it’ important that individual preferences and tolerances are met by whatever methodologies are employed. No matter the treatment, always trial first and always be gentle with your skin afterwards. A healthy, groomed appearance can be yours with a little investigation, a willingness to experiment and a little post-operative care!

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